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Amazfit Stratos 3

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  • Perfekt
    1 månad sedan
    This is probably the most complete Smartwatch out there. The screen is great outdoors and I prefer to have always on display than a beautiful Amoled turned off. Battery life is good but I don't think it meets the 7 days advertised (hoping for some sw updates here). It looks much more stylish than my old Pace and all the functions work pretty well. I bought first a GTR and I returned it because of the GPS. The Stratos 3 GPS is very accurate (tested only a couple of workouts). Being able to store music and play over Bluetooth is also a great feature. This means you can leave the phone home when running. Overall is the best you can get for Sports (without spending 2 or 3 times the money)
    On the negative side I don't think there is much of an upgrade (screen, battery and features) if you come from the Stratos 2S