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Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O-

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  • Perfekt
    2 mån sedan
    Super bra mus rekomenderar den starkt!
  • Perfekt
    6 mån sedan
    Älskar vikten, formatet, knapparna.
    Minus för originalkabeln som var dålig och gick sönder för många.
    Men med nya förbättrade kabeln är det med tanke på priset inget annat än 10 stjärnor.
  • Perfekt
    7 mån sedan
    I have had this mouse for 2 months now. I have to say this first of all that this mouse is only and only for use of fingertip (average or big hand size) or very small hands with palm grip in mind.
    The mouse is solid and has no flex due to thee small size, I've heard the bigger model has flex on some of the copies, but this one is more solid due to its small size.
    The scroll wheel is very quite and smooth has steps that are not too stiff so you feel the steps but not too harshly.
    The clicks are clicky, much crisper clicks than ec2b or any zowie mouse, a tad clickier than g403 clicks. Side clicks have very short travel and are easy to press but not accidentally-press easy.
    The RGB is on smooth on transition on one mode which is shown in every photo of this mouse, the other modes don't transition as smoothly.
    The cable is soft and flexible but just a bit less flexible than other new light weight mice generally, but not that huge of a differece, it can gather dust as it has a cloth-like material but it gets cleaned if you just drag your finger across the cable.
    The mouse is very light as the holes suggest all over the mouse
    so if you click your mouse too hard it might move the mouse a bit. or if you want a light mouse but at the same time more control I recommend you to get a mousepad that is more textured towards more control like a Zowie by BenQ G-SR.
    Overall a 9.5/10