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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Clicky (Nordisk)

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  • Ganska bra
    1 månad sedan
    I have a very "specific" case. I own a gaming PC and work on a mac. now with COVID-19 I am working from home and looking for a single keyboard that will control 2 devices (one using wireless the other Bluetooth) at the same time. This keyboard does that with easy 1 button switching.
    It works as well as a wired keyboard, it is slim and sexy BUT at what cost? Like let's be honest, it doesn't perform better than any wired gaming keyboard. At best it is as good and that's a lie considering you need to charge it once a week to keep it going.

    If price is no consideration then buy it. If you hope you can de-clutter your desk by owning it, think again.