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Logitech MX Sound

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  • Mycket bra
    1 år sedan
    Uppdaterat: 1 år sedan
    Bought them for 555 kr, for that price you can't get better ones.

    The good:

    - Really nice quality sound with good mids
    - Pair up to 2 bluetooth speakers and 2 aux ports, you switch between them by just pausing on one device and press play on the other
    - Nice and stylish design
    - Sensor that makes the controls light up when your hand is near the speaker
    - You will hear the aux input and bluetooth music simultaneously, so you can hear the notification sound from the pc while you listen to music over your phone

    The bad:

    - It charges via a special adapter and not usb port
    - The Bass isn't really that great
    - When switching between devices, it turns up the volume from the device. So if your phone was on max volume, the speaker will automatically be set on max. Which can be rather annoying
    - No controls for play, next or back. Only volume and bluetooth


    Good buy if you're after office speakers with clean sound or simply for casual users that don't require strong bass.
    Highly recommend on rea when they are under 700kr.

    Sorry for the english, just trying to help with your decision!