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Bosch GKS 12V-26 (Utan Batteri)

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  • Mycket bra
    2 mån sedan
    I seem to find more and more uses for this one, at first it looks a but underpowered (the rotation speed is very low). But there is no problem at all to rip a 26mm board, it doesn't slow down. I guess the thin blade helps. Being so lightweight and small it can follow everywhere. Also works ok with a track, making it a pretty useful miniature track saw. Dust extraction is ok but I wouldn't bother with it unless necessary because the hose weighs more than the saw. Brake is also great, it's really on/off - blade stops instantly when trigger is released.
    Downside - could have more different types of blades but there are other branded ones available. Also, precision is obviously not great but still fair - I was positively surprised, the blade gives a clean cut but angle setting is what you expect. Depth of cut is of course not huge but still useful. Not sure about durability but after a year, so far so good.