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Logik L02SM316E

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  • Mycket bra
    10 mån sedan
    Uppdaterat: 10 mån sedan
    I was very sceptical about this Logik, because for this price tag you get many things that you can only find in a higher price range. But now I love it! Before I had a C3 Ciabatta recommended by Råd & Rön "Bäst i test", what a joke! The handle broke, the plates got black, not worth anything. This Logik is by far much better than the C3. You can easily take out the plates, clean them, and put them back in. The sandwiches get perfectly crispy (in my opinion). However I read that people aren't satisfied with the time it takes to make waffles, to be honest I didn't try it because I have a different machine for that. As far as it goes for sandwiches, it's perfect! For this price you can't get any better.
    Before the first use, clean the plates with water and dry them. After that, use cooking oil or butter to lube the plates and turn the machine on until it turns off the light. Let it burn up the factory stuff, it will smell and probably smoke a little (nothing to worry about). After that, turn it off and let it cool down. Then it's ready for the awesome sandwiches! You do this the first time only, but you can lube the plates with oil every week or when you feel it's needed.
    Oh and sorry for the English, I can express myself better like this. 🙂