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Everdure Cube

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  • Ganska bra
    1 månad sedan
    Eftersom jag är lat kopierar jag in det engelska omdömet jag skrev på (eftersom jag köpte min grill i Tyskland).

    "I am now on my second unit of this bbq. I sent the first one back after the enamel on the coal basket came off during the first use and permanently attached to the bottom of the bbq. I thought this was a manufacturing defect on this particular unit, but last week it also happened on my new unit, on the second use this time. This leads me to believe that this is a critical design flaw - probably the enamel is of too poor quality (and why is the coal basket not just stainless steel anyway?). (And just to emphasize, I have not used for example gasoline to light my bbq, I did follow the included instructions). For a device at this price point, this is simply unacceptable.

    The other downside is that although the bottom heat shield does protect from heat, it still gets hot enough that grass is turned brown, and the grill can therefore not be used on grass at all. I would definitely like to see some legs which can be folded out, to raise the bbq by maybe 5-10 cm further off of the ground. The mechanics could be similar to the latches which hold the lid in place, which do work just fine. The construction of such legs could be very simple and still be sturdy.

    Other than that, the bbq does work quite well. I like how it can be pre-loaded and prepped before departure, and the multi-functionality of the lid and box. Because the grill is quite close to the coals it gets very hot, which is something to be aware of. I can't right now think of a way to solve this in a really good manner, though - just make sure not to leave your stuff on the grill unattended.

    All components (except maybe the bbq body itself) are easy enough to clean in a regular sink, which is nice. I also really like the colors, and the build quality overall feels quite good.

    If the two main flaws are addressed, I would easily give this grill 4 stars, possibly 5."