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Andersson WMR 2.4

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  • Usel
    2 år sedan
    Uppdaterat: 2 år sedan
    Slöseri på pengar. Det går inte få till en enda normal våffla. Köp inte denna produkt!
  • Usel
    3 år sedan
    Uppdaterat: 3 år sedan
    Absolute junk. There is a reason why this waffle iron is so cheap, and that is because it suffers from design flaws. Firstly, no matter how much or little mix you add to the iron, it can only cook the back of the waffle. The hinge is not fit for purpose so you end up with waffle that is cooked at the back and still raw at the front. Secondly the handle collects all the evaporation so you burn yourself when you open it. Thirdly the dial on the top is dangerously poor quality and its a real problem to set the heat. Fourthly the iron takes a good while to heat up and any other setting that full doesn't work. Unless you want a floppy half cooked waffle.

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