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DeLock 89359

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  • Perfekt
    1 år sedan
    Uppdaterat: 1 år sedan
    Bought this mostly to get USB 3.0 capability in my server, but also to plug in two SATA HDDs into it since they were previously plugged into 3 Gbps SATA ports on the motherboard. The server is running Linux, and to get it working I simply plugged it in and connected the drives. The drives behave like before, only now using the full 6 Gbps speeds. No configuration required. None of them are the system drive however, so I'm not booting from them. Not sure if that would work as normal but I don't see why not.

    I've read that the ASMedia ASM1062 chip used as the SATA controller is not fast enough to take full advantage of SSDs, so if that's a requirement look elsewhere. But for normal HDDs it's more than adequate.

    I've also used one of the two USB ports connected to a USB 3.0 HDD, to back up one of the connected drives, and everything works without issue.

    Also it might not be immediately obvious (at least on some resellers' websites), but the card requires a 4-pin power cable (the old floppy drive power cable) plugged in. So keep than in mind when buying and get a SATA power -> Floppy power adapter if required for your PSU.

    Edit: I originally gave this a 4/5 rating, but the card does everything it sets out to do perfectly and without hassle so I think a 5/5 is honestly more fair.